Hopevale/Pelican project Links

<a href=”http://hopevale.wikispaces.com/Stories”>Des Bowen the IKC and James have been working hard and put up a lovely link for all the information of the project we are doing together and you can now go and see what is already up there:

There is a good story about the beginnings of the project , which you can also see more about by going to the Pelican site ( See side bar in links ). There is a wonderful little story about White and Black Cockatoo which is the Logo for the community, told by Rory Mcgiver to James.

Things are going well , Tj our other intrepid Dst Trainer is on her way from adventures in Cape Tribulation and we are all getting closer to being ready. Gear checking and all that. Please go look at the new site and watch this space for more. Feel free to follow the journey and send us messages.

It is no small feat to organise this camp , we are all spread up and down the east coast , from Melbourne , to Byron , to Brisbane and Cairns , Hopevale and beyond. Technology is wonderful and allows us to connect and make this work as well as share this with others who are interested.

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