About this blog

Who we are. Where we have come from. Where we are going . . . and What we care about! Stories give life!”
– Dana Atchley – http://www.nextexit.com/

We are made of stories and the retelling of stories. We connect through stories, we locate ourselves through stories and we create and find meaning through stories. We find solace in stories and we define and re -define ourselves, our communities and our values through stories.
We have individual narratives and communal, cultural and country narratives, Grande narratives and planetary narratives. The imaginative world reflects our stories and inhabits our dreams and visions linking us to the ever-present past as it breathes into us and through us.

This Blog is about stories and specifically the use of new media and Digital storytelling. I am interested in how using new technology , especially Digital sotrytelling is being used in Indigenous Communities. How do we bring our old ways and new ways together in ways that support our social , emotional , cultural and spiritual wellbeing !

If you go to various links here on the blog you can find a lot about the methods used and look at examples. I also will upload work undertaken with others CO- CREATIVELY. The Hope Vale – Pelican project is one specific community I have had the honor to work with . You can follow links to the sites of Pelican expedition and the Hope Vale community to findout more .You can also read my research proposal and various items of interest as I go along on this journey !

I welcome feedback and comments , please do leave comments and discussion items and let me know of any inetresting work that can be shared.

thanks and enjoy the journey.

One Response to “About this blog”

  1. Ya’a’teeh Samia,

    This is wonderful! I am back in Tucson after a stint in Seattle. Still doing the DS work and “healing communities one story at a time” full-time now. Check out our website at http://www.ndigidreams.com. Let’s get back in touch. I recently saw our Sonoran Desert snow pictures.

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