wiradjuri yani (journey)

We stay in the Whiteriver Casino called Hon-Dah, which means welcome in the Apache language. It is owned and operated by the local Apache group. There are mountain lions, elk and bear in the lobby of the hotel, looking very life like. The smell of pine trees is everywhere. We have left the desert country and are high in the mountains. In winter people come here to ski and in summer they come to escape the heat of the desert country.

We head to Cedar Creek, just outside Whiteriver, and the John F Kennedy middle school (pre-school to year 8). School starts at 8.15 am here and finishes at 3.15. We arrive at 10 am and set up in the library which has books but also animals around the room including a wolf, eagle and bear. There are still bears in the surrounding areas.

About 30 students from years 6…

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~ by samiastories on 14 April, 2012.

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  1. thank you Samia, we love your blog and thanks for reblogging my update. Larry

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