Indigenous storytelling – First Nations digital storytellers – healing communties-

When I was in the USA ,I met the wonderful Brenda Manuelito in Arizona. We shared about transgenerational Trauma and historical Trauma and our similar works in using Storytelling as a tool to assist communities in healing work.I have added the web link in the side bar under digital storytelling , please go and have a look at the site and the stories that she is making with her new partner in this project and co creator – Carmella Rodriguez.Together and with the rest of their team they have developed and grown in leaps and bounds working with the passion of assisting healing through stories ” one community at a time “. This is a passion we share and have met and spoken of in Hawaii and hopefully one day we will do some work together as well. Meanwhile , please have a look and see some of the stories. I have included an excerpt here from the site and a listing of some of the collaborators they have shared with .

This is from the website :

nDigiDreams, LLC is taking digital storytelling to rural and underserved indigenous communities across the United States. Each new media seed they plant is taking on a life of its own. With the Creator’s assistance, their technical assistance and relationship building efforts, and with enormous interest from numerous native community members and collaborators, new offshoots are beginning to take root and grow very rapidly. Hundreds of native individuals are tapping into their ancient knowledge and practices and becoming new nDigiStorytellers.

List of Collaborators:

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board
Arizona State Museum of Anthropology
Benefis Healthcare System (Native American Program)
Blackfeet Community College
Black Hills Center for American Indian Health
Boston College
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Cherokee Nation / Healthy Nation
Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation
Community Alliance and Peacemaking Project
Crownpoint Division of Public Health
Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives
Fond Du Lac Human Services Division
Fort Peck Community College
Fort Peck Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program
Fort Washakie School
Four Corners Regional Health Center
Gallup Indian Medical Center Health Promotion Disease Prevention Department
Gallup Indian Medical Center, Office of Native Medicine
Indian Education Office of Fort Washakie
Kayenta Public Health Nursing Program
Little Big Horn College
Montana Cancer Control Programs
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Montana Department of Transportation (Safe on all Roads)
Montana State University-Bozeman (Center for Native Health Partnerships)
Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council (MTWYTLC)
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Division of Health
National Library of Medicine American Indian Health Web Portal Project
Native Wellness Institute
Northern Arizona University
Oglala Lakota College
Oglala Sioux Tribal Health
Pueblo of Laguna Department of Education
Pueblo of Laguna Tribal Cultural Enrichment Program
Salish Kootenai College
Swinomish Climate Change Initiative
Swinomish Tribe
United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY)
University of Colorado Denver (CO Area Health Education Center-COFAS)
University of Washington (Native People for Cancer Control)
University of Washington (Healing of The Canoe Project)
University of Washington (Burke Museum)
University of Washington School of Social Work (Indigenous Wellness Research Institute)
University of Washington School of Social Work (Partners For Our Children)
Climate Change Meetings Focus on Adaptation


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  1. Thank you Samia for sharing with others via this blog. I have been inspired and will share your site with others. Regards Bronwyn Fredericks

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