Brene Brown : The power of Vunerability

I listened today to a wonderful talk by Brene Brown called the Power of vulnerability on YouTube. One of the things she said that stood out for me is that “stories are data with a soul “, brilliant ! Her talk focuses on the purpose and meaning of lives being about the importance of connection . The research she did showed that the main quality needed for connection is vulnerability . vulnerability is the ” willingness to say I love you first , the willingness to be with things the way they are , the willingness to take risks ” ( from talk on you tube ). What she described as being the one main thing that was the only variable between people who felt worthy and those who did not , was the ability to BELIEVE we are worthy. Shame is the experience of fearing disconnection , for being rejected once we are seen and being vulnerable requires of us to be seen , to risk being seen . This is very resonant for me in the research I am doing , as resilience is linked to this , the strong sense of love and belonging is to do with relationships as a central starting point for our healing and recovery. Anyway , go have a listen to the talk and see what you think. Thanks Natalie for passing it on to me.


~ by samiastories on 26 May, 2011.

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