“Two Bays” Pelican projects and more on sea country links

The Pelican expeditions with vessel SV Pelican1 , besides working on Cape York in far north Queensland also work on the coast of Victoria , specifically in the ‘ Two Bays ” , or really 3 bays off Melbourne , Victoria’s capital city. This project has now been successfully going on for over 5 years and has wide recognition and support across a range of sectors and organisations. The beauty of the project , is that it gives a unique platform for bringing groups together that may normally not work together and places these people together with the Sea country to engage directly.
The bringing together of generations , of elders , science and govt , community and indeed all aspects of the community to educate , collaborate , celebrate , learn , share , create and discover is truly inspiring. This year the project made it to the finalist selections for their work in the Victorian Healthy country projects . Please go to the links for Pelican to the blog ” Posterous ” and join for a more comprehensive description and description of the work they do ” Projects in Action” AND also to the Pelican video you tube site , to see some of the small short digital stories we made together in Jan 2011. The description of how we did this is included on that site.

~ by samiastories on 20 May, 2011.

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