Digital storytelling on Two Bays

Digital storytelling for Two Bays 2011 – see side bar links to stories on You tube channel and also to other info .
Created by participants – Ann Maree Reeves and Grace Bargholz during one day out on Port Phillip Bay.
As part of the City of Kingston supported two days Caring for Sea Country- Marine Science and Traditional Knowledge project.
For more info-
Port Phillip Bay and Western Port support a range of important ecosystems and habitats, a diversity of animals and plants, and provide many benefits to Victorians including a wide variety of water-based recreational activities. The health of our bays is dependant on the way in which we use and manage our catchments.
The Two Bays Project has been running annually since 2007. It is a citizen science and community engagement program that provides management agencies an opportunity to engage coastal communities in better understanding of the values of their local bays and the links between catchment-based activities and the health of the bays.
The Two Bays program typically consist of:
• Bay Conversations — a networking opportunity for waterway and bay managers and stewards
• Marine research
• Citizen Science Days
• Aboriginal Traditional knowledge and sea country stories
• Marine Magic – sharing images of marine from Port Phillip and Westernport Bays
• Promoting awareness of bay issues and current initiatives through technology and media
PARTNERS: Two Bays has been developed primarily by Pelican Expeditions in partnership with Parks Victoria. Each year we seek to engage and involve other agencies, community groups, scoientists and individuals who manage and care for our Bays.
KEY MESSAGES: We can all (community, industry and government) take actions to protect the health of our Two Bays

• Our Two Bays are unique living environments — a healthy future depends on us all working together now.
• Our Two Bays have many important natural and cultural values.
• There are strong links between the health of our catchments and the health of the Two Bays.

Digital Storytelling on Pelican
Digital storytelling is a practice being used worldwide to encourage people to make and tell their own stories. Digital story telling has been a part of Pelican Expedition’s projects since 2007. It has been used as a way to document the experiences, knowledge and stories told by educators, Aboriginal Elders, scientists and the participants as they journey on Sea Country.
The digital storytelling team consists of Samia Goudie, Natalie Davey and Aurora Davey. You can read and see more about these stories on

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