Solstice 2010

I have been off for a long time. It is hard to say why other than sometimes things need a lot of composting. I had quite a few months off ill myself and then a number of dear beloved ones passed from this earth. These things take time and it is important to acknowledge the impact and not just rush through life.
In this time I have also been working full-time as Lecturer in Indigenous health at the University of Queensland as well as trying to get on with my own research. It has not been a slow time , far from it , but writing things here took a back seat.
I will in coming posts seek to update on some of the missing parts and also take us back into the journey I have started , researching about wellness , healing , arts and contemporary ways we express stories , old and new ways together.
I will post about some of the ongoing work and link to Pelican Expeditions , who have gone from strength to strength growing the Digital story project. Also the work with the Hopevale – Pelican project and new developments with a pilot project with medical students last September .
There is so much , linking to some new projects and research that is similar to mine and showcasing some new talents and innovations. Links to new directions in healing, the arts and film and of course conferences , proceedings and new digital stories . There is so much. This field is exploding and I could never write about it fast enough to cover all the amazing new and innovative aspects .
Thanks for being a part of this journey.


~ by samiastories on 21 June, 2010.

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