A taste of what is to come ! Hope Vale Digital stories

Here is the first posted story from the Hope Vale-Pelican Digital story project undertaken in August – September 08. The other 18 stories will go up soon , thanks for your patience. The full credits and information about the project will be posted along with the others as they come on line. However briefly let me say , “many hands” made these stories and a big thank you goes out to everyone who helped. All the sponsors , the storytellers , the Elders , Pelican expeditions ,State Library Queensland , Arts Queensland , the co-operative research center for Aboriginal health,the DST team , Speak out – stylin up mob AND so many more  that I will not name by name ! you know who you are !!! for all who came and sat and took the time to yarn up and learn and share their knowledges , thank- you.

This was a co- creative project and the stories are a result of a 4 week project in a bush media camp at REMOTE Cape Flattery with the  youth and elders from the Hope Vale community .

YES , we had to barge equipement in and drive over sand dunes at low tide to get there. We camped in the heat and humidity with sand and crocodiles and Taipans , probabaly one of the more remote spots you could do this in and one of the most beautiful!

During this time people learnt how to make their own stories , some for the first time. The ages ranged from 6 to 80 years old. We intervened as little as possible , just guiding the process and allowing people to develop their own voice and styles. The critque of this experience and the findings from interveiws inform my research. You can see my research proposal on this site by scrolling on the side bar or through archives.

Do come back  soon to see the rest of stories soon and read a fuller description and see the links to contact the people who helped in this project. For now this is a early taste with the permission of the wonderful people at the Cultural Center who launched this on U -tube. Remember you can also google Pelican Expeditions or the Hope Vale Wikki.

~ by samiastories on 23 January, 2009.

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