Premier LAUNCH of Milbi : Hopevale-Pelican DVD

A special premier screening will be held in the IKTC in Hopevale on the 27th November from 3-5pm with afternoon tea and chat. Please come along if you made a story and bring your friends and family to share the story with. We will have a dvd special edition for you if you made one of the 18 stories during the camp at Cape Flattery and we will also share about the project to those who are interested. Please come a long and enjoy great stories , have a yarn and some good food and celebrate the achievements of our storytellers. Please feel free to Join us . We are excited to see everyone again ! Natalie Davey from Pelican and Myself , Samia Goudie  who co-ordinated the project with Hopevale-Pelican and partnered with SLQ to deliver this will be there . This project has had the support of many , including the SLQ , ARTS QLD and the CRCAH ,CO-OPERATIVE research center for Aboriginal health as well as of course the project as a whole.



see you there !dance-hopevale

picture :  by Natalie DAVEY ( Dances with William Brady and Cyril Mcgreen share culture in camp )

~ by samiastories on 18 November, 2008.

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