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 Just this morning had a look at a wonderful trailer called” March Point ” from NATIVE Lens , Long house media . See  the links in my side bar here under Digital story telling for the Utube connection to Native lense and  Longhouse Media. The trailer is on there as a link.

This is an amazing organisation and I met some of the young film makers in NYC at the Native  American film festival a few years back. The 3 YOUNG men who have made ” March point ” had individual films in and its great to see how far they have developed and extremely inspiring. It makes me hope for this in our projects , that someone or a group of our young people in the Hopevale Project will want to go on and do more with us helping them along. Anyway , GO HAVE A LOOK , its worth it. JUST GOOGLE ” MARCH POINT ” OR longhouse media and find out more. The more we link up , the better , the more we share the richer we will all be. These are films , not so much  DST , but it is good to see what people are doing in all areas of new media and film and explore all the ways we can use these tools to enliven debates , bring awareness of our issues and support youth to find new ways to express ideas and culture.

do have a look.

~ by samiastories on 18 November, 2008.

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