From little things big things grow

Selected for " Us Deadly MOB" surf movie

Selected for

” US DEADLY MOB ” ( See side bar in samia’s films for link to clip ) I

 I Just wanted to share the good news ! This little film has done some miles and keeps being selected and shown all over. Some lovely people sent my film in and low and behold its been selected. The Nimbin Film festival is on this weekend 24Th October and so if you want go google or better still go see the fine films from this lovely part of the world , the northern rivers !

Us DEADLY mob is about Indigenous surfing , and is a tribute to the memory of Eric Mercy , coach and manager of the first Australian Indigenous surf team to surf in the Oceania titles in the pacific. His legacy lives on today through his son James and Daughter Amber . Amber is now the new Manager and is currently in TONGA. the  film tells the surf families story and and Eric’s contribution through the narration of his daughter Amber. This film shows a positive story of strong , healthy Indigenous youth doing good things ! The film has been shown at numerous festivals and has been a finalist in the woodford film festival and has also been toured by the AFC schools program and Yamba surf out as well as being launched at Garma festival. Not bad for a little film. I feel that the reason it has done so well , is because of the subject and becuase  ERIC deserves recognition for what he did. I

 also feel that we do not have enough stories that are positive about our youth and our communties and this was why I made it. It is also what led to  the work I do now , working with communities and individuals to help others tell their stories in their voices , first hand. That is the beauty of dst.

Anyway , just had to share this encouraging news . It helps to feel what we do is seen , it helps to know other appreciate seeing positive stories. I actually just showed this to a group of students from upstate New york at a lecture yesterday at  UQ St lucia. The students were part of an program in science , environment and marine biology. I shared a few stories and then ” US deadly MOb “. The feedback I had from their proffessorwho was traveling withthem , was also ” How wonderful to see something positive about Aboriginal people” as ” they had felt overwhelmed by all the hard and sad stories and statistics”. I do not think we need to water down the truth of how bad health issues are here , nor how tough the political issues are for us. I also think its very important people know and understand our hsitory and the struggles we have had and still do have . I do think we need people to really understand the grief and loss and trauma that colonisation and invasion has brought. I do also think , we do need positive stories and again and again I see that people respond to this , people become hopeful , people see resilience. I hope this project we have been doing at Hopevale also shows some of this to be true and also points to how this can be of benifit to improving our social and emotional , cultural and spiritual wellbeing.

~ by samiastories on 22 October, 2008.

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