Our youngest interveiwer:Connies beach:Cape York

our youngest interveiwer Mason with Alita -Connies beach-Cape Flattery

our youngest interviewer Mason with Alita -Connies beach-Cape Flattery

One of the most amazing things for me was seeing how easily the youngest took to technology. Here is Mason who is 9 Years old , keenly being a great interviewer with Alita after she has made her first Digital story.

The young people from 6 years up were so keen to get their stories done ! Mason and a couple of his friends sat one day in the tent working for 5 hours straight , even through lunch . Natalie and I were tired after long days waking at sunrise and so were saying , ” Hey its time for lunch” only to be told ” No we  want to finish our stories now”. Thank goodness we had healthy snacks to keep them going. 

At the screening night ( The last night in the camp ) we set up a screen and had the whole camp watching all 17 stories with great enthusiasm and the youngest were all huddled up close watching. We could hear them reading the words our loud from their friends stories and laughing and clapping as they saw themselves in star roles.

Some of the Elders commented that they had no idea their young people were so talented and able to do such things. This next generation is way ahead ! The realisation of what is possible through engagement with this medium became real , not just words and ideas for people .

The whole process has sparked a keen interest to follow on and do more. The link between this medium and literacy is clear as a major outcome. The process of re-telling stories and the reflective self enquiry this stimulates is also another clear outcome.

 I will be analysing in my research these outcomes and also the problems we encountered ( just as important ), as I transcribe the interviews from the camp participants. Natlaie and I will be going back in November to Hopevale as its very important now to anchor this work with the community there and the work that is happening there with the Iktc( Indigenous Knowledges Technology Centre ) with Shirley Costello and with James Leech from SLQ ( one of our trainers on this trip ). I will also do some follow up  interviews as well .

I am so keen to get the stories up as no doubt you will be to see them. It’s another learning curve for me , always something and not sure how to upload them onto the blog as yet as it requires a URL . I am lucky to have good techy friends and so soon will figure it out.

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