On Board and sailing

We boarded the boat off Elim Beach and met the crew and trainees .. our first night was good preparation for the upcoming voyage back around Cape Bedford to Alligator Creek.  The Coxswain trainees were giving it their all as we sailed against the wind, and finally appeared around the Cape…. we could see the Hopevale community members gathered on the site of the original mission church site that Pastor Shwartz ( Muni ) had set up.

 Joseph and Raf were off in the zodiac to collect members from the Muni Day service to bring on board for a day sail.  Samia and Tj got off the boat to allow for more passengers and to meet community members on the beach.  As always, synchronicity was at play with Samia meeting Kate Collins, a freelance journalist who had been working in China and now is working gathering inofrmaion about how the new welfare reforms are effecting the communities in the Cape.

 TJ met the delightful Violet Cubus, a 74 year old grandmother of one of the trainees on the Pelican.  Stories were shared and are starting to be developed, with the possibility of some old family photos being brought to the camp by Violet for further development of a digital story.  Already it’s becoming a case more stories than grains of sand on the beach … ! The trainees are getting involved in the photography and story development of their training experience on the Pelican and being part of a crew/team.

We watched a movie last night on the boat with a full screen, the wonderous Sean Choolburra, who is the funniest deadliest comedian and is from up north as well. We laughed ourselves silly and it was an excellent end to a big day and also may have inspired some comedy routines in development. We sail today to Flattery and will set camp and then get going with some of the first edits of stories. The Language teacher from the school is coming out as well, so hoping to have at least one story in language. It’s already exciting and inspiring to see how things are merging naturally and with such an easy flow.

The ABC radio is doing daily tracking of the overall project, please also go to the links here and go to the Hopevale/Pelican project wiki and listen to the AUDIO  there as well as information on clan groups and other stories as we post. More soon.

Samia and TJ on the Pelican with a gentle wind and good spirits.


~ by samiastories on 15 September, 2008.

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