time is drawing near ! trip count down..


Gyouth from Cape Flattery last years project 07

youth from Cape Flattery last years project 07 Copyright

So its getting close now till I pack and leave. Lots happening. Natlie Davey who is one of the Pelican mob has been working hard and long with me on last minute details. James from Slq is helping organise equipment. Today I had a heap of phone calls , from Estelle Bowen checking on details and timing and an email from T.J, ( Toni Jayne Northcotte ) , friend and co – trainer, who is off somewhere with Andrew her wonderful  partner. They have been off driving their bus in some gorgeous places around this country and will join us in Cairns.

So we are all a wide spread lot and if it was not for emails , text and phones , we would not be able to organise any of this. There have been and is , so many people involved in this project and I want to document here this fact. Nothing happens in a vacuum when working to create projects in communities. There are all kinds people doing things. People organising schedules , budgets , funding , equipment and people on the ground preparing the ground for the camp. As this Blog progresses I will introduce you to some of these people and hopefully they will post here as well. I will link their CV’s where possible or web sites and this way you should get a feel of the  TEAM… as it is a team. THIS IS a co- creative practice. 

I also set up a new site today which I will get a link here for soon with Twitter and 12s, where people can link to send from Mobile 12 sec movies , or from their computers. so stay in tune for that and much more to come.



~ by samiastories on 21 August, 2008.

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