Welcome to all

Hello to everyone !

This site is a reflective journal site where I will be writing about the process of setting up and running a co-creative practice using digital stories with Indigenous communities.

I am currently using this site to document the experiences whilst working with the Elders and community participants of the Hopevale/ Cape Flattery /Pelican camp held in Cape York near Lizard Island. This is a remote area where for the last 5 years a camp gathering has been held to bring hope and build resilience within the community.

The project seeks to empower and develop agency and self determination in cultural , spiritual , social and emotional well being through a range of wonderful activities that are ongoing throughout the month long camp.

My role is to work with the community to develop Dst ( digital stories ) that show from a first person perspective the stories of life in the camp and the links between these stories and wellness and caring for country.

The overall project seeks to improve health outcomes , specifically developed to address the high rates of Youth suicide and improve social cohesion as well as develop new skills and skills transference and build positive outcomes from the exchange of ” old ways with new ways”.

The inspiration for this camp has come from Elders Des and Estelle Bowen and the Pelican Expeditions. The story of the project can be found on the Pelican website www.svpelican.com.au.

Dst Final stories will be linked through the Pelican site and the IKC ( Indigenous Knowledge center) through the QSL (Queensland state Library) at a future time. links to Pod casts and stories will be posted here.

I will invite other trainers and participants to also post on this site in a reflective way and make comments about the process and their experiences and invite other people to post and send comments or links to other communities interested in linking with this community through DST.

I am very interested in the co-creative nature of this process , the impact of using new media and the relation to wellness in the broadest sense of linking arts based practice with health outcomes.

welcome and more soon.


~ by samiastories on 6 August, 2008.

2 Responses to “Welcome to all”

  1. this looks like a great set up for us to work together on the DST component of the upcoming Hopevale/Pelican project … distance and separation can be conquered in an instant! i look forward to reading more as we go along, in the mean time i am pulling together some digital stories of culture and processes for all the kids to see.

  2. Reading Samia’s research proposal again, I am again impressed by her powerful arguments and I am exited to have her on board the Pelican program as she brings enormous depth and focus to the overall aims of the Hope Vale project. Her research is much needed and incredibly timely and it is a privilege to be able to work along side her.
    My role within this project is multifaceted but my key role is as one of the DST trainers. I have been on the Pelican team since we began to build the boat and to now see our projects growing in complexity and impact has been one of my greatest rewards over the past few years. The addition of Samia and her work represents one of the strengths of the work we do which is to be to enable like-minded people to come together on inspiring projects and work as a team. Her theme of co-creativity is one close to the Pelican team’s heart because I believe the only reason we have been able to do what we have done so far has been through deep collaboration.

    Tomorrow I am finally heading into Cape Flattery and will be meeting James Leach (SLQ), who is already on the beach. Samia and TJ will be arriving after a couple of days on board Pelican with the 5 young aboriginal trainees. Today they started the DST and I have heard that there are already 3 stories in the pipeline. Not bad for the first day out!

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